Social Media and Web Marketing Basics & More

Find success with your internet marketing after attending this workshop.
This workshop will teach you how to create an online presence that consumers wont be able to ignore and can even increase your revenue!
Register for this workshop on February 2nd, to know how to create a customized social media strategy.
Starting a Business: What You Need to Know
Starting a business is a lot of work and doesn't happen over night but don't be discouraged; you're in luck! This workshop can help save you time as you learn the legal requirements for a start-up, as well as, smart business moves you should make. 
You will walk out of this workshop knowing:
  • Various legal structures that may suit your business
  • Major causes of business failures and how to avoid them
  • How to avoid legal problems and much more!
Sign up for this workshop to improve your chances of success!

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