BSC Collaborative


The Metro BSC Collaborative is an established partnership of Business Support and Case Management Professionals, along with Business Development and Community Partners who are committed to providing additional assistance, resources, programs and services to the small businesses referred through the Crenshaw Corridor.


Metro’s BSC is provided in partnership with Del Richardson & Associates, Inc. (DRA) through an established collaborative with Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation (VSEDC) and the Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL).






Del Richardson & Associates, Inc.

Del Richardson & Associates, Inc. (“DRA”) offers relocation assistance, property management, public affairs outreach, and environmental compliance services to public, private, and non-profit agencies. As the BSC Service Provider, DRA acts as BSC’s Project Director, as well as provides Case Management Support, along with Business Outreach, Partner Collaboration, and Agency Coordination.









Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation

The Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation (“VSEDC”) is a community-based non-profit organization located in South Los Angeles. Established in 1979 as a citizen advisory committee by Mayor Tom Bradley in response to the South LA community's concern regarding the closing of a Sears Department Store, the organization began operations in 1981.

Since inception, VSEDC has brought innumerable benefits to the community and has grown from a small grassroots neighborhood organization to a well-known and highly regarded community institution with a proven track record of success.

For the BSC, VSEDC will provide Case Management services. To learn more about the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation, please visit:








Los Angeles Urban League

Founded in 1921, the Los Angeles Urban League (the “League”) is recognizing more than 90 years of service to Los Angeles communities. The League is the city’s premier organization in advancing equal opportunities on behalf of African Americans and other minority youths and adults through innovative job training, job placement, youth achievement, and business development programs.

For the BSC, the League will be providing Case Management, Business Assistance and Business Referrals Services through their Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center; which provides small businesses and entrepreneurs one-stop access to an array of specialized resources and information.

To learn more about the Los Angeles Urban League, please visit:


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