BSC Staff

The BSC Staff works in consort to deliver case management, intake and assessment as well as Business Support Services.  All staff members can be reached by contacting the BSC Office at 323-299-9660, Ext. 2289 or emailing them directly. 

Case Management Staff

The BSC Case Management Staff work in partnership with DRA, Inc. to develop questions for quantitative business assessment. This team provides business assistance services, which may include: financial planning and advice on small business operations; as well as dealing with municipal permits and regulation, and grant/loan application management.

Case Managers assess individualized business needs assessments for businesses and establish individualized action plans to support the needs of each small business. They will link other small businesses along the transit corridor with service providers for technical assistance. 


Del Richardson

Project Director

Business Counseling

[email protected]




Debra A. Hunter, PMP

Project Manager

[email protected]



Gregory Kirk

BSC Case Manager

Business Coach

[email protected]



Senior Business Intake Staff

The BSC Senior Business Intake Staff are Case Management Staff with significant experience working with the business community.  The Senior Business Intake Staff Members initiate service requests/intake process; generate potential and best fit referrals to service providers; as well as gather and document case status updates. They also provide assistance with any business follow-up as needed.


Bonnie Thomas-Jeter

BSC Senior Intake and Assessment Officer

[email protected]



Business Intake Staff

The BSC Business Intake Staff assist with the business intake and assessment process for each business. They coordinate and manage the canvassing process within the BSC Target Area from 48th to 60th Streets as document interaction with these businesses. 


Maritsa Garcia

Reporting and Document


[email protected]


Business Services Support Staff

BSC’s Business Services Support Staff also provide supplemental assistance on business intake and assessment, data entry, and provide an array of Business Support Services.


Jasmin Harvey

Digital Marketing Consultant & Web Designer

[email protected]