Success Stories

Richard’s Auto Electric & Repair

Located at 3511 Crenshaw Boulevard, Richard’s Auto Electric & Repair has been in business since 2004 serving customers throughout south Los Angeles. The shop has grown considerably adding dozens of new customers in recent years.

The Challenge

Business Solution Center staff initially learned about the business following media reports of a fire at the repair center.  Adam Dominguez met with the owner Richard Bermudez in May 2017 to survey and assess the damage and kicked-off discussions leading to a wide array of assistance including the following. 

Business Solutions

· Discussed current and future needs including equipment, working capital, and line of credit

· BSC staff commenced site & facility search for expansion location

· Provided and helped owner complete loan applications for equipment and working capital

· Spoke with lenders on behalf of owner and provided financial documents to potential lenders

· Facilitated discussions with tax consultant and real estate brokers

· Reviewed and vetted loan proposals from banks and micro-lenders

· Helped client obtain $75K for working capital covering fire losses and operations

· Obtained real estate broker and commenced search for a second building

· Assisted owner with pre-approval of SBA 504 loan to purchase an expansion building

· Identified property at Western/Gage and is expected to close February 2019

· Approved for $1 million SBA loan with anticipated move-in Spring 2019

8024 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047

Store Hours are 8:00 AM – 6 PM 7 days a week.

(213) 909-2788


Ivie League Preschool

Ivie League Preschool has served the Crenshaw District and surrounding neighborhoods since its founding in 1999 by banker and real estate investor Mercedes Hornsby.   The school offers the community two convenient locations, 4827  Crenshaw  Boulevard and 4416 Slauson Avenue. It serves children 2 – 6 years old and is currently operated by the founder’s daughters.  

The Challenge

The school has been directly impacted by construction of street, sidewalk, and gutter repair work associated with construction of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project.  The result included declines in student enrollment, drop-off & pick-up safety concerns, employee retention, and impact on scheduled payroll. 

Business Solutions

Ivie League Preschool has benefited from a wide range of assistance from BSC staff since July 2016 including the following:

  • Provided liaison assistance with Metro's Eat Shop Play Crenshaw program
  • Provided owners with initial BIF background material and introduction
  • Helped owners establish Gmail accounts along with first Google profile
  • Referred to subject matter experts for tax preparation assistance and Security camera installation
  • Provided guidance completing online BIF application and intro to PCR staff
  • Assisted with name change via liaison with California State officials
  • Photographed both school locations and initiated work on website design
  • Worked with owners to develop and launch first website

Crenshaw Slauson Family Dentistry

Crenshaw Slauson Family Dentistry is one of the longest serving dental offices in South Los Angeles. It is led by Dr. William Faulkner, who received his doctorate degree from the Howard University College of Dentistry and soon after established the practice in 1987 at 5870 Crenshaw Boulevard.


The Challenge

Landlord chose to renovate shopping plaza resulting in relocation of dental practice adjacent to the Crenshaw/LAX Transit project. Dr. Faulkner was offered an alternative location inside the same retail center that required a significant expense and temporary closure.

In addition to relocation, additional challenges and needs include, lease negotiations and renewal, construction impact and patient accessibility, equipment & working capital financing, and reduction in patient appointments.

Business Solution

Business Solution Center staff worked closely with Dr. Faulkner over a two-year period providing a myriad of services and business advocacy including:

  • Referral to consultant for lease review and revisions resulting in an estimated $40K in savings
  • Liaison assistance with Metro’s Construction Relations staff
  • Retained brand consultant for consultation and brand strategy report
  • Received comprehensive IT assessment per BSC referral
  • BSC partner provided IT tasks including reconfiguring network, software installation, reconnecting file servers, networking printers & workstations, etc.
  • Introductions to City Council & LA Building & Safety staff for permit assistance
  • Referred to BSC partner VSEDC to discuss equipment & working capital loan options
  • Identified and provided referrals to signage firms for future installation
  • Expedited permit assistance via referral to telecommunications firm


Dr. Faulkner appreciates the wide range of assistance he’s received from BSC Project Manager Ken Hitts and Business Advisor, Adam Dominguez.  “The Business Solution Center staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping with our relocation. None of it would have been possible without their unwavering support’” Faulkner said.

Crenshaw Yoga & Dance Studio

Crenshaw Yoga & Dance Studio located at 6639 Crenshaw Boulevard has been a long-term client of the Metro Business Solution Center Its owner, Kar Lee Young opened for business in 2004, offering all styles and levels of yoga to area residents.  In 2006, she converted a 5,000 square foot warehouse into two additional large studios.

The Challenge

The yoga studio has been directly impacted by construction of street, sidewalk, and gutter repair work associated with construction of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project.  In addition, customer parking has been severely impacted.  The result included declines in student enrollment, sales, and loss of rental income.

Business Solutions

Since opening, Business Solution Center staff has provided ongoing assistance in several key areas including:

  • Researched and helped with efforts to obtain various permits
  • Referred to consultant  for financial statement preparation
  • Referred to consultant resulting in free business branding report
  • Identified alternative sources of financing and received introductions to lenders
  • Photographed all studio space to promote rental activity
  • Identified and activated temporary “coming soon” page for website
  • Completed wire frame and design for new website
  • Completed website buildout for desktop and mobile applications
  • Completed Search Engine Optimization testing and launched

D.A.L. Tobacco & Mini Market

D.A.L. Tobacco & Mini Mart located at 6639 Crenshaw Boulevard has been a long-term client of the Metro Business Solution Center.  Its owner, Dora Lopez wanted to pursue entrepreneurship and purchased the business in Hyde Park in July 2013 selling snacks and sundry items to neighborhood residents.  


The Challenge

The ensuing construction of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project proved extremely challenging as she faced street closures, heavy equipment, noise, vibration, and loss of revenue. Ms. Lopez considered closing or relocating the store.  

Business Solution

Business Solution Center Case Manager, Adam Dominguez initiated intensive case management by providing assistance in several key areas including:

  • Helped owner complete and submit online application for Metro’s Business Interruption Fund
  • Counseled owner on supporting documentation to submit with BIF application
  • Referred to BSC staff for rendering & design resulting in clients first website
  • Helped client apply for and receive funding from Fresh Works Loan Program
  • Identified and introduced client to vendor to fix broken glass store entryway
  • Reviewed credit reports and provided information on debt reduction
  • Referred to consultant for landlord/tenant lease negotiations
  • Successfully renegotiated lease renewal resulting in significant cost savings

Dora has expressed her gratitude for the BSC in general and Adam Dominguez specifically for all of the hard work and dedication toward helping D.A.L. sustain operation during construction of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project.

Dawah Books

Dawah Bookshop located at 4801 S. Crenshaw Boulevard is a leading retailer/wholesaler of incense, body oils, and soaps.  Since 1978, they have introduced thousands of customers to the holistic benefits of essential oils, relaxing fragrances, and mood-enhancing scents.


The Challenge

Metro BSC staff initiated contact with its owner, a U.S. Armed Services Veteran, to identify key areas of interest related to the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project.  Approximately 50% of Dawah’s customers arrive by vehicle and 25% arrive by bus. Therefore, initial concerns included driveway repair along with visibility and street closures within the immediate vicinity.  

Business Solutions

  • Introduced Metro’s Construction Relation’s Team in an effort to help mitigate construction impacts.
  • Introduced Dawah to an array of business support services including Metro’s Business Interruption Fund
  • Conducted complete IT Assessment
  • Ensuing Audit of the businesses IT infrastructure and recommendations for systems integration.
  • Provided a comprehensive redesign and of website and enhanced e-commerce platform.